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Nova House Inc.




Anna Pazdzierski, Executive Director of Nova House receives donation.  "Huge thanks to Dufresne Group for the amazing donation of beds for our new shelter."






















Shelter for women and children in crisis
Serving the Interlake and North Eastman regions of Manitoba.

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News Release

January 8, 2015



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Project a Partnership between Manitoba Government, City of Selkirk, Nova House Inc. and Local Citizens

SELKIRK-Women and children affected by family violence in the Selkirk area will have access to a new shelter thanks to a partnership with the Manitoba government, City of Selkirk, Nova House Inc. and local citizens, Housing and Community Development and Family Services Minister Kerri Irvin-Ross announced here today.

"Community organizations such as Nova House perform specialized and important work to help women and children affected by family violence," said Minister Irvin-Ross.  "Through Manitoba Housing and Community Development, we are committing $1 million to Nova House to help women and children affected by violence in Selkirk rebuild their lives in their own community."

 Nova House has launched a campaign to raise $1 million, supported by a

$500,000 private donation from the Jim and Betty Anne Gaynor family and a contribution of land, valued at $300,000, from the City of Selkirk.

Nova House provides facilities, programs and services in the Interlake and North Eastman regions to protect and empower women and children against domestic violence.  Nova House currently manages shelter accommodations in Selkirk and will provide programming and support for the women and children in the new facility. 

"The board of directors and staff of Nova House would like to thank everyone involved in making a new shelter a reality," said Anna Pazdzierski, executive director.  "We look forward to continuing to make a difference in our communities with this new, expanded service for victims of violence."

"The City of Selkirk is very proud to have a leadership role in helping make a new regional Nova House women's shelter in Selkirk possible," said Mayor Larry Johannson.  "Along with the Jim and Betty Anne Gaynor family and all citizens of Selkirk, we understand clearly this new facility will have a profound and positive benefit for Manitoba families breaking the cycle of domestic violence."

In 2014-15, the Manitoba government provided an additional $687,000 for 35 community-based agencies that operate 37 programs dealing with family violence.  Since 1999, funding for a comprehensive range of services has increased by over 190 per cent and now totals nearly

$13 million per year.

"This announcement complements Budget 2014, a plan to create good jobs, grow the economy and protect front-line services by focusing on what matters most to Manitoba families," Finance Minister Greg Dewar said.  "The continued growth of communities depends on building healthier neighbourhoods for Manitoba families."

 More information on Manitoba Housing and Community Development's long-term strategy Strong Communities - An Action Plan is available at www.gov.mb.ca/housing/.


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